Terms & Conditions

Poseidon Training is committed to testing participants in theory as well as in practice in a way that complies with the relevant standards and regulations of Poseidon Training and Poseidon Diving Systems AB.

In order to make it easier for you to read, we have restricted ourselves to masculine terms in the text. We would like to emphasise that all people are equally welcome, regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion/belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.

The participant undertakes:

  • Provide a medical certificate confirming fitness to dive at the time of commencement.
  • To fulfil the requirements according to the standards and all documents must be checked and a release must have taken place before the start.
  • To dive on their own health responsibility
  • To complete the theory in accordance with the instructor’s instructions
  • To pay the agreed participation fee in advance
  • To pay the costs for training material, which has been purchased especially for the course, on receipt, should this not be included in the seminar price
  • To keep agreed appointments in theory and practice. If the participant is prevented from attending without a medical certificate, the seminar fees incurred will be charged to the participant separately.
  • If Poseidon Training is unable to keep an agreed seminar date, the participant will be informed in good time.
  • Seminars that are not attended will be forfeited from the agreed date of the seminar.

The participant also agrees to the following points:

  • Each participant must bring his/her own equipment in accordance with the Poseidon standards and is responsible for its perfect condition and proper functioning.
  • The instructions of the seminar leader or his assistants must be followed during the seminar.
  • Poseidon Training or the seminar leader reserves the right to exclude the participant from the seminar without reimbursement of the seminar fee if the above points are disregarded.
  • In case of cancellation of the seminar by the seminar participant, no refund of the seminar fees will be made.
  • The instructions of the seminar leader or his assistants regarding diving depths and diving times must be followed.

If not stated separately, all prices are exclusive of tanks, fillings, possible entrance fees, rental equipment, travel costs, teaching material, brevet, etc….

Participants who are obviously under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication, or who are not fit to dive for health reasons, must be excluded from participation for safety reasons. Before and during diving, the instructions of the seminar leaders and their assistants must be followed.

Prior to the start of the candidate’s seminar, approval must be obtained from the manufacturer, as well as Poseidon Training, to confirm that the candidate’s requirements are met.

The seminar price must be paid in full before the seminar starts and the participant must be registered with Poseidon Training and in the Reef App.

The seminar price only entitles the participant to attend the booked seminar date and is not a guarantee to pass the seminar and receive the training authorisation.

In the case of an Instructor/Instructor Trainer seminar, the final eligibility and level set for the subsequent two year training interval will be determined at the end by the Training Department of Poseidon Training.

A downgrade requires a written explanation by the Training Department of Poseidon Training. The participant can also prove the missing achievements/requirements in the course of a renewed participation within the current training interval of two years and thus a new classification can be made.


Dates take place on an ongoing basis and can be viewed on this website. Registration at office@poseidon.training

Liability/responsibility of the participant:

  • Participation is at your own risk. Dangerous behaviour can lead to immediate exclusion or abortion of the dive. Poseidon Training expressly excludes any liability for the actions of the participants. The participant is liable for loss and damage to equipment, as well as for rescue and recovery costs (including those incurred by third parties). No liability is accepted for participants‘ valuables and equipment.

General cancellation costs:

  • If the participant is unable to attend and submits a medical certificate, the seminar fee paid will be charged to the participant minus any costs incurred.
  • If the participant is unable to attend without a medical certificate, the seminar fee paid will not be charged to the participant and must be paid again.
  • If an agreed seminar date cannot be kept by Poseidon Training, the seminar participant will be informed in good time. The new seminar date can be re-booked free of charge. No refund will be made due to the postponement by Poseidon Training.
  • Seminars not taken will be forfeited from the agreed date of the seminar and will not be refunded.
  • The seminar price agreed and shown on the binding registration is valid.
  • All seminar fees are exclusive of VAT.
  • The place of jurisdiction shall be the registered office of Poseidon Training.
  • Should one or more provisions of these GTC be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The German Civil Code shall apply.